ACTV in Venice

ACTV, along with InfoPMS®, manages the maintenance of the land transportation division (urban and suburban transport services with about 650 vehicles), and the naval division with more than 150 vehicles including the maintenance of boats in service in the lagoon and the tramway of Mestre. The installation of touch-screen totems in the workshops was particularly effective in ACTV, as it allowed the operators to be fully involved in the maintenance flow, and for the on-board dashboards to automatically generate maintenance requests.

AMA in Rome

Since 2009, InfoPMS® has been used by AMA Roma to manage its fleet, allowing the company to identify the causes of vehicle breakdowns and the possible lack of fleet availability due to them being serviced, paying particular attention to third-party companies which carry out maintenance activities outside the company's workshops.
Since then, InfoPMS® has been extended to plant and property management and currently about 600 people use the software as a tool in their daily work.

AMIU in Genoa

AMIU Genoa was the first company to use the automated labour tracking system by barcode printed on InfoPMS® work orders integrated with their access control system. For 15 years this flow has enabled AMIU to keep vehicle availability up-to-date in real time considering the time when the work order has been opened and when the last scheduled activity has been completed.

ANM in Naples

The InfoPMS® project, which started in 2006 with the ANM road segment and was extended to the metro company in 2010, manages multiple maintenance workshops as well as 7 bus and 3 rail depots, where both preventive and corrective maintenance activities are carried out. InfoPMS® allows users to manage and monitor all maintenance activities, synchronizing them with the service, and centralizing materials and spare part requests to optimize stock in the different warehouses.

Asia in Naples

The ASIA project has required particular insight into the coverage of processes and activities performed by third parties. Managed by one of the InfoPMS modules, the service allows the company to handle the estimation phases and subsequent authorization of workorders with the utmost ease, simplicity and transparency.


In Ferrarelle group’s Darfo Boario Terme (BS) factory, the fourth-largest Italian mineral water company, about 300 million litres of Boario and Vitasnella mineral water are bottled each year. Since 2008, InfoPMS® has allowed the Ferrarelle group to record and analyze maintenance jobs due to failure, prepare a detailed maintenance plan by estimating the spare parts required in advance, manage inventory movements with mobile devices integrated with the application, and constantly compare the costs of maintenance purchases with the allocated budget.

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