The APP that allows the personnel operating in the field to have all the necessary information to correctly perform the job and to promptly communicate the results of their activities to the company.

InfoPMS® 4.0 Mobile is a Field Service Management tool that allows field operators to digitilize all maintenance activities and to share information in real-time with all the people involved in the entire process.

Discover how you can

  • Manage component status in real time, detecting downtime, availability and unavailability

  • Easily access the SOP - Standard Operation Procedures for troubleshooting

  • Describe the job performed, indicating the time and spare parts used

  • Carry out a series of checks related to a Visual Inspection, managing and monitoring the results
  • Update the inventory of components (Asset Register) with information collected on field
  • Manage “lock out / tag out” to secure the systems before carrying out jobs

Mobile work on field

InfoPMS® 4.0 Mobile is the app that allows a simple and safe management of the most frequent technical operations of technicians operating on field and to optimize the collection of data useful for maintenance.

L'app InfoPMS® 4.0 Mobile is compatible with Android and IoS systems and is designed for:

  • Maintenance

    Create and modify Work Requests (WR)
    Fill in visual inspections check-list including creation of WR in case of anomaly
    Identify and detect machinery on field with RFID, NFC, Hololens or more
    Update counters and acquire key measures for KPIs.

  • Inventory

    Confirm the use of the expected spare part or apply for a new item.
    Carry out the loading and unloading of the material via Barcode or Qrcode (Warehouse worker)

  • Multimedia

    Link pictures, videos, voice messages during each step of the process.

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