to have a constant control of machinery "state of health" and its components and to predict functional degradation of the machines and deviations.

Monitoring and continuous improvement of machines and processes

InfoPMS 4.0 Intelligent Plant is the Asset Performance Management software that activates a continuous governance process of machines, integrating the measures acquired from automation, sensors and predictive techniques with information from field during maintenance and operation, activating all feedback to be transmitted to make the company's system and way of producing more and more effective.

Our solution does not replace DCS, SCADA, PLC, but connects with the factory system to help the company create new business models and keep them constantly updated through Machine Learning algorithms.

The application is able to signal the need for maintenance assistance based on the analysis of functional degradation. It supports the management in the construction of operational and functional dashboards aimed at the energy and operational optimization of the machinery and in general contributes to improve overall performance.

Why do some Industry 4.0 projects not give satisfactory results?

1) predictive techniques aren't often integrated with other systems
2) historical data are few and are nnot always of good quality and detailed
3) the data are collected for bureaucratic purposes and are not useful for monitoring.

Managed data truly becomes essential when it helps companies make conscious choices.

Let your machine talk!!

InfoPMS 4.0 Intelligent Plant è is the performance management software that ensures greater integrity and effective performance for your assets because it can:

  • Intercept in real time any deviation in the behavior of your systems

  • Properly interpret the deviance and identify the cause of the problem

  • Take the right corrective actions and provide feedback to field

  • Verify the correctness of each taken action.

Predictive maintenance and 4.0 monitoring

Reduction of maintenance costs

Intervening on the line and on the system without having to wait for an inspection, optimizing the consumption of resources and energy.

Production process optimization

Minimize unscheduled downtime and avoid compromising product quality, thanks to continuous monitoring of the line.

Reduction / Monitoring of residual risk

Safeguard the environment and the safety of internal staff and third parties, ensuring the efficiency of the system and compliance with the regulations.

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