InfoPMS 4.0 Enterprise Asset Management

Improve reliability with the Enterprise Asset Management

InfoPMS® 4.0 is the Enterprise Asset Management for the management of corporate assets and the governance of all those technical processes that can represent the differential competitive factor to optimize your business reducing risks.

If not properly managed, Process malfunction or anomaly can in fact cause economic damage not only for direct costs and / or production losses, but degenerate into serious accidents, compromising the civil and criminal liability of those responsible and of the company itself, with important reputational risks.

InfoPMS® 4.0 is the enterprise asset management system dedicated to manufacturing and process, steel and iron, energy production, food and beverage, multiutility and transport industries, which digitalizes and optimizes all maintenance data, guaranteeing their technical integrity and operability.

Thanks to a simple and easily adaptable interface to different business needs, our plannes maintenance system can intervene on the degradation of data quality and poor dematerialization, moving down data entry, tracking each phase of the operational process, paying attention to aspects that can negatively affect the risk.

InfoPMS® 4.0 Enterprise Asset Management
to manage all technicl aspects

InfoPMS® 4.0 is the Enterprise Asset Management software that allows companies to control costs and effectively manage asset maintenance, covering the entire technical process, from work requests to pre-invoicing to Service Management (Traditional Technical Assistance, or Global / Full Service, Servitization contracts), also extending to logistics, the supply chain, and the production process itself.

An Overview of Software Functionality

  • Asset Register

    Asset Register

    Detect process inefficiencies or operating anomalies at the maintenance object level, thanks to a punctual and accurate logical-physical mapping and hierarchy structure.

  • Maintenance Plan

    Maintenance Plan

    Effectively program maintenance works, avoiding machine downtime and equipment breakdowns, optimizing time and resources.

  • Asset Maintenance

    Asset Maintenance

    View all maintenance activities to be performed and record all work info: spare parts used, needed time, measurements acquired and any problems encountered.

  • Logistics and Inventory

    Logistics and Inventory

    Optimize the management of spare parts stock, with loading and unloading from work orders, setting of reintegration policies, management of price lists and analysis of spare parts stocks.

  • Third Parties

    Third Parties

    Manage and plan maintenance activities in charge of third parties, monitor the progress of the work and allow the supervision of maintenance know-how, facilitating the relationship between the parties.

  • Cost Control & KPI

    Cost Control & KPI

    Provide strategic KPIs and monitor long-term trends to understand if the activities performed have been effective on machine performance.

Activate a process of continuous improvement

Increase asset availability

Drastically reduce plant breakdowns and shutdowns with accurate planning.

Improve production performance

Reduce production losses and defects by tracking inefficiencies and machine yields.

Keep costs under control

Track the cost of internal and external human resources and all used spare parts.

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Enteprise Asset Management
INFOPMS 4.0 - Enterprise asset management
Work on field
INFOPMS 4.0 - Work on field


Intelligent Plant
INFOPMS 4.0 - intelligent plant


  • Busitalia in Veneto region
  • TPER in Bologne
  • IREN in Turin
  • AMA in Rome
  • MSC Shipmanagement
  • Grandi Navi Veloci
  • Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Cogne Acciai Speciali
  • Busitalia in Veneto region

    The need for a detailed reporting system and for the customized management of complex asset maintenance processes such as those regarding the new tramway persuaded APS Padova, now Busitalia Veneto, to request a specific implementation of InfoPMS® software, which could manage the testing and commissioning of warranties for the tram division.
    Busitalia Veneto S.p.A. is a newer company which has been operating since 2015 in Veneto and carries out urban and extra urban services in the provinces of Padua and Rovigo; this service was previously provided by Busitalia Sita Nord and APS Mobility. The company counts 950 employees, 640 buses and 16 trams.

  • TPER in Bologne

    TPER (Emilia-Romagna Passenger Transport) is the public transport company born out of the merger of ATC Bologna and FER, the regional rail company. IB began collaborating with ATC Bologna in 2005 for the maintenance of its bus fleet and trolleybus. During this period, the company's technical direction gained a high level of expertise on InfoPMS® (installation, modification, training, report development, etc.) leading to them being able to autonomously implement the solution in their subsequestly acquired companies and divisions.
    Today, a large number of users work daily on the InfoPMS® software: supervisors, maintainers, maintenance engineers, and external providers, all of whom report their activities through the dedicated web portal.

  • IREN in Turin

    Thanks to the use of InfoPMS® software, IREN in Turin is able to record total hours worked, details about the spare parts used, and a description of the work carried out, improving information sharing among users. Through integration with the warehouse which is managed by the ERP, InfoPMS® can also update stock in real time and activate optimal stock reintegration policies.

  • AMA in Rome

    Since 2009, InfoPMS® has been used by AMA Roma to manage its fleet, allowing the company to identify the causes of vehicle breakdowns and the possible lack of fleet availability due to them being serviced, paying particular attention to third-party companies which carry out maintenance activities outside the company's workshops.
    Since then, InfoPMS® has been extended to plant and property management and currently about 600 people use the software as a tool in their daily work.

  • MSC Shipmanagement

    In September 2016, MSC Ship management invested in a range of retrofit solutions to reduce the energy consumption and air emissions of its fleet, totaling more than 160 containerships. After trialing InfoSHIP EGO on one vessel it is now being “rolled-out” on the entire fleet. InfoSHIP EGO allows MSC to manage the retrofit actions based on real payback evaluation, thus ensuring compliance with emission recording requirements.

  • Grandi Navi Veloci

    The InfoSHIP® system was first installed in 2011 and is now used in 11 operating vessels, allowing users of all ship departments, as well as technical staff, to control and better streamline Maintenance, Purchasing, and Inventory processes, contributing to the process of continuous improvement and ongoing growth. Grandi Navi Veloci is one of the leading Italian shipping companies operating in the fields of coastal navigation and passenger transport in the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Carnival Cruise Lines

    The cooperation between Carnival Corporation brands and IB software started in 1995 with the implementation of the Maintenance & Operation software solution on the Costa Crociere fleet first, and now with more than 50 ships including CCL and AIDA cruises.
    InfoSHIP® has always supported the company in monitoring and progressively improving the management of their Technical Processes, Procurement, Quality and Safety, Dry Dock , and Hotel (Maintenance and Purchase Process) with a continuous exchange of ideas and experiences and through the defining and achievement of goals.

  • Cogne Acciai Speciali

    Cogne Acciai Speciali is one of the leading producers of stainless steel long-lasting products in Europe, and its production plant is located in an area covering 520,000 sq. m in the town of Aosta, Italy. At the end of 2007, when InfoPMS® was implemented, the company needed to adopt a maintenance software in order to certify the regular working of their equipment and the maintenance carried out, particularly in the areas known as "sensitive". Today, our system is the tool that manages and monitors preventive and extraordinary maintenance, is integrated with the spare parts warehouse, improves safety and minimizes environmental impact.

  • Cogne Acciai
  • ItalianaCoke
  • PPG Industries
  • SOL Group
  • Noberasco
  • Boario
  • Sapio
  • Mercitalia
  • ACTV
  • Tua Abruzzo
  • Trentino Trasporti
  • Busitalia
  • ATV Verona
  • TPER
  • Padania Acque
  • AMA RM
  • Iren

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