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InfoFACILITY® is the maintenance software dedicated to the owners or operators of real estate properties and facility service providers to improve their technical and maintenance performance.

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Efficient and easy-to-use in facility management

The InfoFACILITY® software recognizes the toughest challenges a facility manager has to face and helps him deal with all issues, allowing the technical structure to be managed in an efficient and convenient way. InfoFACILITY® manages all the activities carried out internally or by third parties and those on behalf of third parties, allowing to identify the strategy to increase the availability of the assets / objects managed, correctly enhance their technological assets and contain the costs of management.

  • Predict and monitor

    Predict and monitor

    Access all required data in real time in order to control and plan any activity, in compliance with your maintenance targets and regulations.

  • Measure service performance

    Measure service performance

    A dashboard where you can see the key performance indicators, monitor your facility management and the performance of third parties.

  • Maintenance into your pocket

    Maintenance into your pocket

    In case of an anomaly, the technician can intervene immediately on-site and record the work performed, the parts used and the time taken.

    InfoFACILITY® guarantees the complete management of asset inventory, "space management" and maintenance activities for every technical service.



    Services for the building (energy, heat, plumbing and cleaning), facilities.


    Management and control of space management through CAD files.


    Call center, supplier management, service web portal, Maintenance Intelligence.


    External providers, technical assistance services, technical and maintenance providers, Global Service.

    A complete and Advanced System for Facility Management

    InfoFACILITY® is the platform designed to support maintenance manager and facility managers in their daily management tasks, as well as in real estate, plant and technological assets.
    Asset Inventory

    Asset Inventory

    InfoFACILITY® is the software that helps companies know the consistency and technical status of each managed asset, safeguard the value of real estate and technological assets and comply with rules in force.



    InfoFACILITY® lets you record the "maintenance history" of the managed assets and plan future works on technological systems, buildings and structures, green areas and roads, by keeping assets safe, reliable and in perfect working order.

    Logistics and Procurement

    Logistics and Procurement

    InfoFACILITY® functionally covers the entire flow of the supply chain, allowing the user to create the requests of purchase of spare parts and services and to manage the technical warehouse also through automatic systems for inventory loading and unloading.

    Third-Party Contracts

    Third-Party Contracts

    InfoFACILITY® simplifies the management of the contract between suppliers and customers, allowing the user to monitor the activity carried out and giving extreme transparency to the customer-supplier relationship.

    Analysis and Reporting

    Analysis and Reporting

    Thanks to the analysis and reporting tool, InfoFACILITY® allows the user to monitor in real time the trend of various Facility Management activities and to analyze the results obtained in order to achieve shared quantitative and qualitative targets.

    Document Management

    Document Management

    InfoFACILITY® allows you to store, classify and log documents and external files. It is able to manage all maps of real estate structures and related documentation, acquiring technical information directly from CAD.

    Heating log

    To manage the Heating Log and the Report on Energy efficiency performance.

    Customer Satisfaction

    To measure the level of satisfaction regarding the quality of service received.

    Asset survey

    To survey complex systems and fittings remotely through portable devices.

    Equipment testing

    to record the testing of equipment and make it available to the service.

    The power of control

    InfoFACILITY® is a tool that enables the customer to supervise maintenance know-how, because it lets you monitor the typical service levels agreed in a contract such as the availability of assets, engagement and delay times and supplier reliability.
    InfoFACILITY® allows the provider to rationalize costs, optimize resources, and improve productivity, eliminating paper, reducing downtime and inefficiencies.

    Some testimonials

    • Codere
    • Olicar
    • ARPAL
    • CEA Estintori
    • Acquario di Genova
    • Codere

      Codere is a key player in the private gaming sector. The core business of the company is managing casinos, bingo halls, betting facilities, slot machine halls, and racetrack management, in Spain, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Panama and Uruguay. The company manages the 13 Italian bingo halls with InfoFACILITY®, with almost 6,000 gaming stations and more than 800 people employed. The directors of the bingo halls have the possibility to directly access the software application through the web portal and to issue requests for building and / or plant maintenance, assigning a different priority. Johnson Control technicians, who manage the maintenance service, are promptly alerted through a messaging system to restore the efficiency of the systems according to the urgency of the request.

    • Olicar

      Present on the market for over 50 years, the Olicar Group is an ESCO with design and management skills in the field of energy saving, renewable energy production and the redevelopment and construction of complex structures.
      Olicar uses InfoFACILITY® to monitor projects and their performance and to better organize the technical activity to carry out, guaranteeing transparency to the contractual relationship with the client. It is able to support every phase of the process, documenting implemented works, improving the integration both from a technical and economic points of view and participating to tenders with a higher quality score, thanks to a partner with recognized experience and a significant number of references such as IB.

    • ARPAL

      In 2014 ARPAL (Regional Environmental Protection Agency) acquired the software InfoFACILITY® to manage the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and support the definition of strategic guidelines of the Agency.
      InfoFACILITY® manages preventive maintenance, corrective and extraordinary maintenance, the inventory of plant and structural components and properties, the technical and administrative documentation of plant and buildings, but also hardware and software, the laboratory instruments, field instrumentation, control units of the monitoring networks.

    • CEA Estintori

      By the end of 2014 InfoFACILITY® has been handling the entire maintenance of HVAC technological systems and fire extinguishers systems of four CEA Estintori Local units (Castenaso, Modena, Monza and Trento), and later on of thirty CEA Service Centers and twelve CEA Technical Centers.

      CEA Estintori is the most important point of reference for the supply of fire protection products and services, since 1970 the racing team has been participating to major Italian racetracks with a staff of over 370 specialists and 50 vehicles to guarantee maximum safety during motor racing.

    • Acquario di Genova

      Since March 2009, with InfoFACILITY® over 5,500 requests for assistance have been handled successfully. The number of maintenance items related to infrastructure amounts to more than 125, including small, medium and ocean tanks, over 500 IT assets including PCs, phones and printers while in regards to machinery there are over 140 fire extinguishers, 470 doors, 38 UTA, 138 switchboards and 58 fire hydrants, for a total of over 1,750 objects filed.
      Acquario di Genova is the largest aquarium in Italy, with a total area of 9,700 square metres, consisting of an original body (39 tanks) and the "Nave Blu".

    • AcquarioGE
    • Arpal
    • CEA Estintori
    • SAAR
    • Arcaplanet Logo

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