IB provides asset management solutions and services for waste management, water and gas by helping public utilities increase the availability of assets, maximize their productivity, reduce downtime and operate in the respect of the environment.

Ensuring the desired quality of service

IB works with public companies to examine new organisational forms, methods and techniques with the potential to raise operating efficiency. Based on experience gained in its long presence in the market, IB supports you in devising targets and determining performance indicators to increase the productiveness and profitability of your operations.

Our system allows you to monitor the quality of service your company offers, letting you identify performance targets for continuity in all the services delivered to consumers. It enables you to see a graphical representation of the annual trend of main performance indicators such as the number of closed requests, the number of those still pending or not compliant with service level agreement, and the average time required to resolve issues.

Improving productivity through maintenance

Use InfoPMS® software to manage the maintenance process more cost effectively and maximize profitability and productivity of any of your assets, whether they are vehicles for waste disposal, compacting systems, aqueduct facilities, or water capture, treatment and distribution, sewerage, and gas distribution networks.

Coordinate easily
with your on-site technicians

InfoPMS® helps you coordinate field technicians. The system is able to import service requests which come from the website, call centre or customer support department, prioritize and plan activities on network and/or equipment, find the nearest technician, assign their daily tasks and let them carry out jobs safely in adherence to company goals and policies.

Some testimonials

  • Asia in Naples
  • AMIU in Genoa
  • IREN in Turin
  • AMA in Rome
  • Padania Acque
  • Asia in Naples

    The ASIA project has required particular insight into the coverage of processes and activities performed by third parties. Managed by one of the InfoPMS modules, the service allows the company to handle the estimation phases and subsequent authorization of workorders with the utmost ease, simplicity and transparency.

  • AMIU in Genoa

    AMIU Genoa was the first company to use the automated labour tracking system by barcode printed on InfoPMS® work orders integrated with their access control system. For 15 years this flow has enabled AMIU to keep vehicle availability up-to-date in real time considering the time when the work order has been opened and when the last scheduled activity has been completed.

  • IREN in Turin

    Thanks to the use of InfoPMS® software, IREN in Turin is able to record total hours worked, details about the spare parts used, and a description of the work carried out, improving information sharing among users. Through integration with the warehouse which is managed by the ERP, InfoPMS® can also update stock in real time and activate optimal stock reintegration policies.

  • AMA in Rome

    Since 2009, InfoPMS® has been used by AMA Roma to manage its fleet, allowing the company to identify the causes of vehicle breakdowns and the possible lack of fleet availability due to them being serviced, paying particular attention to third-party companies which carry out maintenance activities outside the company's workshops.
    Since then, InfoPMS® has been extended to plant and property management and currently about 600 people use the software as a tool in their daily work.

  • Padania Acque

    With the implementation of the InfoPMS® software in 2014, the company has optimized the computerized management of technical process and in particular the application of procedures for connection and / or sub-entry into the water and sewage network, has allowed to monitor the quality levels that the Integrated Water Service has to respect and send the data to the competent authority, allowing the company to comply with accounting unboundling regulations.
    Padania Acque is the Operator of the Integrated Water Service serving the Municipalities of the entire Province of Cremona with over 150,000 customers. It deals with water capture, purification and distribution, the management of the sewage system and the related purification throughout the provincial territory.

  • AMA RM
  • Assa
  • Padania Acque

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