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Enterprise asset management solutions and services to ensure high performance of the production process by improving plant reliability and optimizing the stocking process. All of this is done while maintaining process control, even over third parties.

Ensures optimal plant availability and reliability

Increasing machinery performance without compromising safety or environmental issues requires a different approach. Evaluating plant reliability and maintenance planning are fundamental in ensuring an optimal level of performance and production.
Today a good manager should also be able to identify the causes of plant inefficiencies, to explain some of the reasons for poor performance and to suggest how these problems may be overcome.

IB provides tools and services to increase the reliability of plants throughout their life cycle, helping you in setting a scheduled maintenance program in order to prevent production-impeding downtime. Our systems let you track inefficiencies and machine yields, analyze breakdowns and reduced speed of operation in order to let you improve the efficiency of a production line, limit production losses and defects, optimize the operating sequences and schedule inspections and maintenance to lessen the impact on production time.

Optimize Your Asset's Technical Management

InfoPMS® is the software that enables process manufacturers to increase the reliability of plants throughout their life cycle, achieve excellence in planning and scheduling critical operations, comply with regulations in force, and increase safety standards.

Quality, Safety & Environment

Companies dealing with dangerous substances have to take necessary measures to prevent major accidents and to ensure appropriate preparedness and response should such accidents nevertheless happen. IB supports you in managing your business to be in compliance with all applicable health, safety and environmental laws and regulations, also providing a safe work system to track and monitor all risk situations in the company and to get safe work permits to identify the work to be done, the hazard(s) involved, and the precautions to be taken.

Approaching Industry 4.0

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is becoming a key technology to create new business models and improve operations and performances. InfoPMS® keeps up with the pace of change, because it is able to verify the data obtained from DCS/PLC, SCADA, other in-field sensor, to apply algorithms and create specific strategic KPI, feed Maintenance and Operations dashboards to monitor plant performances.

Some testimonials

  • Cogne Acciai Speciali
  • Boario
  • Rusal - Eurallumina
  • Noberasco
  • Cogne Acciai Speciali

    Cogne Acciai Speciali is one of the leading producers of stainless steel long-lasting products in Europe, and its production plant is located in an area covering 520,000 sq. m in the town of Aosta, Italy. At the end of 2007, when InfoPMS® was implemented, the company needed to adopt a maintenance software in order to certify the regular working of their equipment and the maintenance carried out, particularly in the areas known as "sensitive". Today, our system is the tool that manages and monitors preventive and extraordinary maintenance, is integrated with the spare parts warehouse, improves safety and minimizes environmental impact.

  • Boario

    In Ferrarelle group’s Darfo Boario Terme (BS) factory, the fourth-largest Italian mineral water company, about 300 million litres of Boario and Vitasnella mineral water are bottled each year. Since 2008, InfoPMS® has allowed the Ferrarelle group to record and analyze maintenance jobs due to failure, prepare a detailed maintenance plan by estimating the spare parts required in advance, manage inventory movements with mobile devices integrated with the application, and constantly compare the costs of maintenance purchases with the allocated budget.

  • Rusal - Eurallumina

    InfoPMS® was implemented in 2003 and immediately became a fundamental part of the maintenance process because it included a fault analysis, the possibility of connecting technical documentation to plant components or documents in progress, a real technical schedule of planned maintenance and not a simple economic planning and the possibility of scheduling the maintenance phases according to the operating hours of the plants. Belonging to the Russian group Rusal, Eurallumina operated a plant for the transformation of alumina bauxite (Aluminum Oxide) in Sardinia with 450 employees. Due to the crisis in the aluminum sector, the company has had to retrench its workforce and activity a few years ago.

  • Noberasco

    Thanks to InfoPMS® Noberasco is able to identify the causes of plant inefficiencies, to intervene promptly on machinery and on the poor performance lines, to optimize the operating sequences and to schedule the production also according to scheduled maintenance. With a more efficient plant, the company is increasingly able to satisfy a growing demand for products also coming from abroad.
    Noberasco is the family-run company, now in its fourth generation, which since 1908 has specialised in dried fruit becoming an European leader also in organic products lines, healthy and functional health food products, with over 100 products including soft and soft and dried fruits.

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  • PPG Industries2
  • Noberasco
  • Boario
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