Machinery Manufacturers

IB offers technological and methodological solutions to make machine manufacturers more competitive, supporting them along the entire life cycle of the asset and facilitating the transition from traditional technical assistance to Global / Full service contracts, up to Servitization contracts.

Create value throughout the entire life cycle

The Internet of Things (IoT) are leading the digital transformation in an industry still linked to the most classic production and distribution logics and pushing machine manufacturers to rethink their business dynamics and to formulate targeted and more profiled proposals for customers and services.

The data collected by the sensors, if properly analyzed, make it possible to identify the operating conditions and status of the system and its parts. This highlights those parts of the system that are more critical and the monitoring actions needed to operate components, parts and / or the entire system, allowing manufacturing companies to improve their design and maintainability

InfoPMS 4.0 is able to effectively manage maintenance activities on assets and equipment with a maintenance / technical assistance contract. The system also allows to intercept and translate in real time any degradation / deviance in the machinery performance, ato analyze the failure cause or defect of a process (RAMS), activating all the feedback to be transmitted to the Industrial Machine Design to increase your manufacturing efficiency.

Service as a competitive factor of your offer

InfoPMS 4.0 can also be configured as:

  • a customer portal , for different functions that can range from issuing work request to check the SLAs agreed with the maintenance provider;
  • a collaborative partnership tool between supplier and customer / dealer, allowing each subject to monitor the profitability of contracts, plan maintenance interventions and assign them to technicians and have always under control the activities performed and to be performed.

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